Press Release

Speedflow Communications Ltd. , a telecom service and software solutions provider, is delighted to announce the availability of a brand new version of the carrier-grade softswitch MediaCore SBC – Version 4.7.
The latest MediaCore update follows extensive analysis of the VoIP and SMS market over the last 12-month period and implements changes, which strengthen carriers’ business position and prepares them for smooth sailing amid future changes.
“We are pleased to offer our partners a significant refinement of the previous MediaCore.” said Konstantin Vyhristenko, Head of Marketing.
“The new changes affect both our platforms – the voice and SMS – and reflect the current state of the market and leave some loose to accommodate future VoIP and SMS bubble fluctuations. We welcome partners and new customers to try our softswitch! It is one of the best on the market.”
One of the main changes affecting MediaCore is the implementation of an HTTP as a supported protocol. This will enable MediaCore users to work with small SMS providers, who use HTTP APIs, converting their high-value traffic to SMPP and integrating it into the whole SMS network for increased revenue.
Speedflow has also made steps to tackle fraud further by increasing MediaCore’s Guardian functionality, its revenue assurance module. The new option enables users to set a timeframe for active events and thus further extends their control in configuring protection against fraudulent schemes.
Additional improvements to the web interface of the softswitch and other minor bug fixes were conducted. With the latest release, MediaCore stabilizes its position on the market as a Class 4 softswitch with the best price-ratio on the market.
For full information about the update, please write to
The major changes affecting the MediaCore SBC and MediaCore SMS:
• HTTP protocol implementation
• Guardian ‘timeframe’ function added
• Web interface performance improvements
• Shortened pathways to reporting tools
• Others

About Speedflow Communications Ltd.
Speedflow has been providing quality services and innovative software solutions in the telecommunication industry for over 15 years. Over the years, the company has established partnership with VoIP providers around the globe and regularly works to promote and develop VoIP communications.
At present, Speedflow employs over 160 professionals and holds established positions in the telecom market.