Press Release

SIAB system includes the latest version of an intuitive mobile survey and assurance solution, QuantumPath, to ensure business continuity 24×7

Spry Fox Networks, leading suppliers of advanced mobile coverage technology to enhance commercial cellular and public safety communications, is being selected as the go-to provider by organisations looking to fulfil their obligatory requirement of delivering ubiquitous voice and data coverage in basement offices and other challenging situations. The company is being chosen because of its proven market reputation, its quick install times, and its Ofcom-compliant mobile signal booster product range, which is network-agnostic. Its unique QuantumPath technology is also proving critical to ensuring mobile coverage for the different UK networks as well as ensuring the quality of the voice and data services is optimal at all times.

Since Covid-19, large-scale enterprises have been obliged to introduce homeworking to enable “business as usual.” As they emerge from lockdown these working practices are likely to remain in place for the foreseeable future as social distancing measures are introduced to prevent a second wave. In many cases, this involves relocating to smaller basement premises, as it is more viable to enact safety precautions such as protective screens, socially distant desks or one-way systems in these types of facilities.

The downside, however, is that many underground locations have zero mobile coverage. Not only does this have commercial implications, ubiquitous mobile coverage is a health and safety requirement that needs to be fulfilled by the property or business owner. Even though the majority of these premises are leased with preinstalled WIFI systems, they cannot guarantee network security, thus leaving organisations also exposed to cybercrime.

Spry Fox Network’s in-building mobile coverage system, SIAB, is ideally suited to these situations because it can be installed whilst utilising existing cabling infrastructure. It comprises just three components; a network unit for connectivity to the outdoor base station, a coverage unit for uninterrupted connectivity, and a monitoring system, to ensure signal quality and strength are maintained 24×7. The system can be up and running in just a few hours to deliver the levels of coverage needed for reliable voice, data and public safety services.

Additionally, the SIAB is remotely configurable, satisfies all regulatory requirements, and connects directly to the mobile network(s) without needing to obtain prior permission. The enhanced version of its mobile survey and assurance tool, QuantumPath, enables dynamic monitoring of signal strength, signal quality, as well as voice and data performance, providing assurance and business continuity to different stakeholders.

“As lockdown measures are eased, businesses are relinquishing their inner-city offices for financial reasons”, explains Stuart Waine, Director of Spry Fox Networks. “It is easier and more economically viable to implement social distancing measures in smaller buildings because of their overall size. If poor mobile coverage is an issue, this can be easily and quickly resolved using our SIAB solution.”

Aberdeen City Council have recently deployed SIAB at the TECA Conference Centre to overcome connectivity challenges throughout the facility, including basement locations. Another successful installation includes the HQ of DAF Trucks, the UK’s leading commercial vehicle manufacturer.