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Isotropic, the trusted provider of global Internet services offering unrivaled certainty, today announced that Squire Tech is the latest company to integrate Datadragon, Isotropic’s award-winning intuitive bandwidth management tool, into its operations for more effective bandwidth management in emergency response situations.

Squire Tech is a mobile command and communications service provider specializing in user-friendly VSAT and wireless enabled voice, video, and data for mission critical needs. The company’s fast-deploy communications solutions, such as its pCom® line of communications trailers, are widely used to deliver critical connectivity to emergency management and first responder teams during major events and emergency situations, such as the recent hurricanes that have swept through Florida and the COVID-19 crisis.

As a solutions provider, Squire Tech must ensure that reliable, high quality bandwidth is available for its emergency response users while they’re in the field. However, bandwidth can become scarce—especially when telecommunications infrastructure is damaged.

Using Datadragon, Squire Tech can now monitor and distribute bandwidth in real time so that first response end users can rely on high-speed, persistent connectivity to fuel their applications during an emergency scenario. Datadragon gives users an unprecedented degree of application-level transparency into their network to ensure bandwidth is always optimized and to adjust traffic on-the-fly if it’s not. With Datadragon, Squire Tech can allocate bandwidth to the locations, teams, and applications that need it most without requiring first responders to call in for assistance.

“We developed Datadragon because we know how critical it is for customers to be able to monitor their throughput, as bandwidth is an expensive and precious resource,” says Hank Zbierski, Chief Catalyst at Isotropic Networks. “This is especially critical for those operating on the front line of a crisis, and we are delighted that Squire Tech is using our platform to address the throughput demands their customers face in already challenging circumstances. We want to offer peace of mind so that reliable connectivity is assured, allowing first responders to focus on their vital jobs.”

“The deployment of Datadragon has transformed our operations,” says Michael Zalle, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Squire Tech Solutions. “Datadragon has enabled Squire Tech to become a more profitable business, to operate a more efficient network and to ensure that our customers get much more out of the network that they have purchased.”

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