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SSE Enterprise Telecoms – one of the UK’s leading connectivity suppliers, today announces the appointment of three new leadership hires to support the business’ impressive growth strategy, and ensure the UK’s digital future through the delivery of ambitious connectivity projects.

The news comes at an exciting time for the business, with figures released today revealing that the total number of employees has increased 98% over the past five years. Revenue has increased 40%, while capital expenditure growth of 282% reflects the increased investment in the network over the same time period.

The three new members of the leadership team are:

• Alexandra Gartrell, who joins the team as the inaugural General Counsel and Company Secretary
• Vicky Bori, who is the company’s new HR Director
• Jonathan Rowan, who further strengthens the leadership team as the new Business Development Director

Already in position and leading their respective sectors, Sarah Mills is officially announced as Network Operators Sector Director and Martin Samuel as Sector Director for the Public Sector. Paul Clark is announced as Sector Director for Energy & Utilities and Simon Willmott is the Service Providers Sector Director. Mike Magee has become the company’s first Sector Director for Transport. SSE Enterprise Telecoms is also engaged in a wide-ranging search for an Enterprise Sector Director to focus on working with large enterprises to drive the digital transformation and the connectivity agenda.

These hires fit directly into SSE Enterprise Telecoms’ ongoing commitment to focus investment on key growth markets that support the UK in achieving its connectivity ambitions. This includes the deployment of cutting-edge projects that will improve nationwide connectivity and drive greater economic performance.

Coinciding with these appointments, SSE Enterprise Telecoms is continuing its significant investment in network expansion, further advancing UK businesses’ connectivity opportunities. The telco’s “Project Edge” is currently in the process of unbundling 177 BT exchanges, further extending network reach to an additional 180,000 UK business postcodes. The first 95 exchanges are already live and available for services, all 177 exchanges are 100Gbps capable – meaning SSE Enterprise Telecoms is able to provide some of the highest capacities currently available across the UK. Meanwhile fibre agreements with Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) Three UK and O2 are forming the basis of enhanced fibre access throughout the capital and building the foundations that enable commercial 5G rollouts.

The business has also recently launched two new products, SD-WAN and Scalefast FTTC. These solutions align closely with the specialisations of the new Sector Directors and are providing customers with even greater choice when selecting a connectivity solution.

Today’s announcement is one of the first examples of how Infracapital’s 50% investment in SSE Enterprise Telecoms, which was announced late last year, is enabling the business to attract world class talent and grow its market reach and presence.

SSE Enterprise Telecoms quote: Colin Sempill, CEO, SSE Enterprise Telecoms
“The UK is embarking on the next stage of its digital transformation journey and with that comes new challenges. The emergence of technologies such as 5G and IoT are set to reshape our cities, transportation, public services and businesses, and have a wider impact on the economy. It’s important that we have the right people in place to align our business with this future vision. This is why we’re further expanding our leadership team, recruiting more of the best minds in the industry to support our customers with their current and future connectivity ambitions.”

“These new executive hires come at a time when we’re progressing our ambitious network growth plans to meet the targets that we have set ourselves over the next few years. It’s an exciting time for the business as we look to solidify our position as one of the leading UK telcos, not only investing in the best technologies and key strategic partnerships, but also the right people.”

About SSE Enterprise Telecoms
SSE Enterprise Telecoms provides class-leading connectivity and data centre services that deliver very high performance, cost efficiency and a competitive edge. The company operates a 12,000+km private telecoms network and an estate of 80 commercial data centres that span the UK. With its extensive telecoms and data centre operational expertise it offers commercial security with unrivalled in-house engineering resource.

With a passionate and conscientious team, as well as the backing of the SSE Group and Infracapital, it continues to invest in the future of its customers, staff, services and infrastructure.? For further information, please visit: or the SSE Enterprise Telecoms blog: