Startup vipaso claim horizon is a unique white label solution that can be adapted and designed according to your requirements

Tell us about your startup
vipaso – Vienna Payment Solutions – is a start-up dedicated to payments and has developed an end-to-end, independent, complete mobile payments solution “horizon”, to be used anywhere in the world. We are aiming at financial institutions, payment providers, retail chains, telcos, delivery companies, shopping centres, etc.

What is your USP?
The future of payment is digital and mobile! We see ourselves as a technology provider. Our solution "horizon" is based on BLE technology. Our business model, our neutral approach and our complete digitalisation of a classic "proximity" payment (e.g. in the shop), significantly lower the entry barriers to participation in payment transactions for consumers and merchants. On the one hand, we want to contribute to financial inclusion in emerging markets, and on the other hand, we are a cool alternative in developed markets

What is your relationship with the telecom sector?
We strongly believe that we can be the “next generation technology” for established mobile money providers, complementing and substituting USSD-based payment processes and pushing it to the next level technoloqy- and customer-journey wise as well as from the perspective of security and data protection; and “horizon” can be the general enabler for telcos to establish payment processes to their merchant customers as well as to the consumer, and so “connecting both sides of the coin”

How have you got to your current stage of development?
vipaso was raised and established by the founder together with a select group of private investors, who believe in the power of the technology as well as in the capabilities of the companies staff and management

Why did you establish the business?
The background of key players in the company (management and investor side) is banking, payments and technology, creating a breed of high-profile actors who believe that payment is a key element in everyday life, especially when it comes to providing financial inclusion in emerging societies

What is your motivation?
To provide the most convenient and affordable mobile payment solution for our customers and contribute to financial inclusion of emerging societies in a market of up to 6 billion people

What does the future hold for your business?
We aim for strong recognition in the world market, want to develop our footprint in various geographies and be an enabler of great, seamless payment experience

FOUNDER: Peter Neubauer 

You can meet vipaso in the Startup Village at the Total Telecom Congress in London on the 1-2 November 2022. To find out more or to secure a place for your startup visit