Despite everything moving to the cloud, decentralised computing is also booming

Tell us about your start up
Sytronix is a high-performance computing company specializing in the designing and manufacturing of storage and compute servers. The main products we manufacture are NAS (Network Attached Storage) servers for data storage and GPU (graphics processing unit) servers for high intensity computational workloads.

Our NAS servers allow for storage of large amounts of data, collaborative working and will provide security to prevent loss of data, making them perfect for business environments, places where stored data is critically important or power users such as video editors.

The GPU servers can be used for computational workloads such as deep learning, AI, video rendering/compression or engineering and physics simulations. These servers can also be rented out to others who require the computational power for their own work, allowing the owner to generate a passive income which makes these products very appealing to investors.

The majority of our customers are based in the North West of England as our clients being local to us allows us to provide fantastic in person tech support very quickly when required.

What is your USP?
We offer fully customisable storage servers bespoke to our customer’s needs. We allow customers to buy pre-built machines, configure their own specification if they are aware of what they need, or simply talk to us and tell us about their requirements and we will go away and design the perfect server for them, minimising the amount of time a customer must spend researching. Most other NAS suppliers only sell pre-built servers with no buying advice which leads to many customers purchasing devices unsuitable for their needs. Sytronix ensure that a customer never purchases a product unsuitable for their requirements.
Decentralised computing is an emerging technology that has only began challenging contemporary computing methods in recent years. We are the first company in the UK that is selling a decentralised computing server that will generate passive income. There are other high performance machines that generate passive income such as cryptocurrency mining rigs, however they can only be used for that one purpose. Our servers are built to perform a multitude of different revenue earning tasks, prolonging the profitability of the machines in future. Sytronix GPU servers can also perform various tasks simultaneously, providing multiple income streams from one server which is yet to be offered in other products such as mining rigs.

What is your relationship with the telecom sector?
Networks with high reliability and fast speeds are critical to our core products, whether it be for accessing and transferring data stored on our NAS servers or performing complex computational workloads over a network with our GPU servers. It is vital that Sytronix as a company as well as our customers have a network provider that provides a high quality service.

How have you got to your current stage of development?
Sytronix’s Managing Director has decades of experience working within the high-performance computing sector and is highly respected amongst industry professionals. His experience has helped Sytronix analyse the tech industry effectively to outline areas with substantial opportunities to take advantage of. His knowledge has aided the design process of our products, allowing us to create IT equipment that can outperform our competition, while still maintaining an affordable cost.

Why did you establish the business?
We knew there were areas of IT in the UK with serious skill shortages and technical deficiencies regarding certain types of computing which have also been highlighted by the government as areas in need on upskilling. We plan to provide hardware and support to these growing industries and help the UK become a front runner in the decentralised compute market which is currently dominated by the US and China.

What does the future hold for your business?
Decentralised computing is a massively growing industry that has begun seriously challenging contemporary centralised computing (such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, etc.) in recent years. Our aim is to be at the forefront of the decentralised computing revolution and be a leading company in the industry that is considered the go-to supplier of decentralised computing hardware.

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