Ahead of Connected Germany we meet startup FroXx who will be joining us in Mainz this April

Tell us about your start up
Our vision is to develop innovative IT solutions in a socially responsible way that benefit society in terms of improved effectiveness, efficiency, and sustainability. Our activities include product and service development, 3D remote services and blockchain-based operational processes.

We are currently working intensively in the industry 4.0 ecosystem on innovative solutions for the use of technologies such as WebRTC, Blockchain, Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) in use cases specifically designed for data centres, telecommunication companies as well as automotive, utilities and services.

We are partners with large corporations such as Equinix, SAP and Volkswagen and have a global reach with 3PP located in Asia and Americas.

What is your USP, how do you stand out from your competition?
We create solutions for digitalization and preparation for the requirements of the industry 4.0 by offering:
• Higher operational efficiency
• Lower operational costs
• Enhanced productivity
• Improved health and safety
• Reduction of routine tasks or of tasks with no added value
• Remote in-service audits and inspections
• UX/CX for on-the-job learning
• Lower carbon footprint by reduced commute and travel time.

What is your relationship with the telecom sector?
Our aim is to create a profound impact on the productivity of operations and maintenance by offering Extended Reality and WebRTC-based applications for equipment installation and maintenance for the Telco sector (Network Equipment Providers, Operators, Tower companies). Telecommunication carriers remain our core customer profile.

How have you got to your current stage of development?
We are not part of incubators or accelerators as of now. FroXx is both privately and publicly funded.

Why did you establish the business?
The business was established to address a clear need of operational reliability with remote assistance in Telco operations. We are using accessible technology to improve general efficiency and sustainability. The Leadership Team of FroXx combines 150+ years of ICT experience having served major companies such as Ericsson on key strategic positions.

What is your motivation?
Our CEO’s extensive experience in the Telco industry has clearly demonstrated to us how the sector is on the verge of a major acceleration of the innovation cycle. The increasing adoption of IoT devices, growing investments in smart city projects and 5G infrastructures, and the need for high-speed internet connectivity around the world remain our main motivation to meet these industry’s leaders’ objectives.

What does the future hold for your business?
We target a niche market and plan a strategic move this year to offer and implement our solutions in other industries aiming at accessing Industry 4.0, notably with automated processes for enhanced productivity.

HEADQUARTERS: Potsdam, Germany
LAST FUNDING TYPE: Institutional funds (ILB Germany Investment Bank) – Federal and European institutions for the development of ICT industries and initiatives in Germany
FOUNDER: Rodrigo Beyer Fernandez, CEO and Founder

Meet FroXx at CONNECTED GERMANY which takes place in Mainz, Germany on the 5-6 April 2022. Free tickets are available for consumer-facing Germany-based operators, stadtwerke and German-based members of the public sector. Find out more here.