The Curie Submarine Cable System will help to meet growing demand for capacity on routes between Latin America and the US

Subcom has been awarded a contract for the highly anticipated Curie Submarine Cable System, according to a company announcement. The cable system will link Los Angeles in the US with Valparaiso in Chile and will also include a branching unit for links to Panama and Central America.

“We’re proud to provide comprehensive services to Google on this project. Leveraging existing TE SubCom infrastructure through our SubCom Global Services (SGS) options put us in position to be a true partner to them. Our role in the continued growth of global connectivity and information sharing is a point of substantial pride for the TE SubCom team,” said Sanjay Chowbey, president of TE SubCom.

The Curie Submarine Cable System will run for 10,000 km and will utilise a four fibre pair design.  The system will add additional capacity to Google’s global communication network, enabling state of the art connection to infrastructure in Latin America.

The cable system is named in honor of noted scientist Marie Sklodowska Curie. The Polish and naturalized-French physicist and chemist conducted pioneering research on radioactivity. 



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