Sunrise is currently deploying its 5G network in over 150 towns, villages and cities across Switzerland

Swiss mobile network operator, Sunrise, has confirmed that it will launch commercial 5G services in Switzerland this month, as it looks to become one of the first operators in the world to launch mobile 5G services.

Speaking at MWC 2019, Sunrise’s CEO, Olaf Swantee said that preparations for the launch were progressing well. Huawei is a key 5G supplier to Sunrise in Switzerland and will play a leading role in the rollout of services in the Swiss cantons.

"With Huawei’s innovative 5G solution and global hands-on 5G deployment experience, we are strongly confident to provide best user experience to our customers and become the number 1 5G provider in Switzerland," Swantee said.

Swantee said that the launch later this month would make 5G mobile network services available in more than 150 towns, cities and villages across Switzerland.

The move is another positive reinforcement for Huawei, as European telcos stick with the Chinese network equipment provider. The US government had threatened that any European company who included Huawei in its 5G network rollout would find themselves in difficulty with the US. However, Huawei has received huge support from European telcos, who have worked with the company on their 3G and 4G networks for well over a decade.    

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