The TV White Space initiative has the potential to scale up to thousands of hard to reach customers across the UK

A new scheme being piloted in Wales is set to provide superfast connectivity to 400 rural customers in Wales, with the potential to scale up to tens of thousands of hard to reach premises across the UK. 

400 homes and businesses in the Monmouthshire region of Wales will benefit from superfast broadband access for the first time under the scheme, which is being run by Broadway Partners.

“The technology we have developed is now proven through successful projects in Scotland and it could be applied to a huge number of remote Welsh communities where people are denied access to fast broadband," said Michael Armitage, chairman and chief executive officer of Broadway Partners.

“We are delighted to be rolling it out in Monmouthshire where some 400 households will have the option for the first time to be able to enjoy the same kind of access that most of us take for granted,” he added. 

The scheme uses TV-White Space technology, making use of radio spectrum which has been made available following the switchover to digital television services in the UK, as well as conventional 5GHz radio technology. 

"Our technology could be transformational for tens of thousands of remote households and businesses in rural Wales," he said.  


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