Press Release

SureCloud, a supplier of Cloud-based Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) solutions and security services, today announced the launch of its GDPR Application Suite. This will help organisations across Europe to achieve and maintain compliance with the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which comes into enforce on the 25th of May, 2018.

SureCloud’s GDPR Suite consolidates the numerous articles within the regulation into a set number of business-specific controls, providing a reliable set of processes to ensure that the standards are continually met, removing the need for organisations to develop and maintain spreadsheets to achieve compliance. The suite includes:

• Gap Analysis – this Application breaks down the GDPR into nine easy to understand control areas, and provides a simple process to undertake a Gap Analysis to understand current levels of compliance to support planning activities.
• Information Asset Manager – this Application allows organisations to catalogue all aspects of personal data, including the GDPR extended component data elements, privacy classification, lifecycle and physical location.
• GDPR Controls – this Application automates a number of required GDPR processes, which need to be implemented and operational to guarantee compliance. SureCloud have created key processes on its Platform to run Privacy Impact Assessments, log and manage Subject Access and Right to Erasure Requests.
• Incident Support Manager – this Application supports the requirement to log and track incidents and provide notification of breaches to authority within 72 hours. It tracks the nature of the incident, the categories and approximate number of data subjects concerned, the categories and approximate number of personal data records concerned.
• Compliance Manager for GDPR – this Application addresses the ongoing compliance requirements by providing a robust and automated process for managing and reporting on GDPR related controls within an organization.
• Assessment Manager for GDPR – this Application allows organisations to effectively manage GDPR third party service providers’ due diligence programmes.

Using the GDPR Application Suite, organisations across a wide range of sectors can apply the GDPR’s rules not only business wide but also to specific departments and processes to ensure that all personal data are handled in compliance with the regulation. This in turn enables them to quickly assess their current compliance status against the GDPR framework – and make changes to achieve and maintain full compliance ahead of enforcement.

The GDPR is due to come into force in May 2018 and is primarily aimed at protecting the personal data of EU residents. It applies to any organisation that seeks to do business in Europe, irrespective of where that business is located in the world. Hence, regardless of Britain’s exit from the EU, which is unlikely to occur prior to the regulation entering into force, it will be critical for many UK businesses to comply with the framework.

Richard Hibbert, Chief Executive at SureCloud, said: “GDPR compliance doesn’t have to be problematic for businesses provided they address the new requirements now in good time prior to the regulation coming into force. Our GDPR Suite of applications is designed to provide not only an insight and understanding of what is required to achieve compliance, but will also implement many of the principal controls and processes needed to achieve compliance such as the Data Protection Impact Assessments of processing operations, Subject Access Requests and third-party Data Transfers to name a few.

“The GDPR Application Suite is a fast, simple and cost-effective means for organisations to prepare now for one of the most significant and far-reaching regulatory frameworks they will be subjected to within the foreseeable future.”