Press Release

Systal Technology Solutions has announced a partnership with Paessler AG to add the firm’s PRTG Network Monitor product to its service portfolio.

PRTG proactively highlights infrastructure faults and capacity issues while providing historical analysis of performance trends across LANs, WANs, servers, websites, applications and more. As such, it enables organisations to spot problems before they cause network outages.

Systal is the only official partner in Scotland.

PRTG Network Monitor works by deploying a series of detailed probes across an organisation’s network, granting a team of engineers real-time visibility into the performance of a wide range of devices and systems. This data is displayed simply and effectively to all parties, even in highly complex IT environments. The information generated is used to optimise connections and reduce costs associated with outages, by allowing problems to be identified and fixed before they escalate.

Systal specialises in enterprise managed network services and has a UK-based network operations centre, providing round-the-clock IT Infrastructure support to some of the country’s leading energy providers, mobile phone operators and other large-scale organisations.

PRTG will be used to further improve Systal’s managed network services, enhancing the information and insight available to engineers.

Kevin Hexley, Network & Infrastructure Architect at Systal Technology Solutions, said: “We’re looking forward to working with Paessler AG and incorporating PRTG into our existing services portfolio.

“Ensuring our customers have access to the best technologies is at the core of our managed service offering.

“We have been able to reduce the occurrence of Priority 1 incidents across customer networks by 90%, and tools such as PRTG play a big part in helping us to achieve and sustain this.”