The newly formed entity would likely form America’s second biggest telco


A proposed merger between T-Mobile and Sprint could be completed as early as next week, according to reports in the press.

Sources close to the deal told news agency Reuters that both sides were hopeful of a speedy resolution.The deal has been on hold for a number of months but has gained traction again over the last two weeks

T-Mobile and Sprint are the US’ third and fourth largest telcos respectively, and the newly formed entity would challenge Verizon and AT&T for the title of the US’ biggest telco by revenue.  

The company’s parent companies are currently discussing the terms of the acquisition and also how voting rights for the newly formed entity would be distributed.

Sprint’s share price has been steadily climbing over the last month as speculation over the proposed merger has intensified. Sprint’s share price settled at $6.00 per share as of close of business on Thursday.

T-Mobile’s shares have also been strengthening as the market greets the proposed merger as a financially astute move for both parties. T-Mobile’s shares were trading at $64.10 per share on Thursday evening.