T-Mobile is set to donate $500,000 to green initiatives in the US’ telecoms sector and has challenged its rivals to do the same

T-Mobile has boosted its green credentials in the US by joining the Environmental Protection Agency’s Green Power Partnership, laying down a challenge to its competitors as it does so. 

The Green Power Partnership is an initiative which seeks to advance the use of renewable and clean energy sources in the US. 

T-Mobile recently announced that it would become the only major telecoms operator to put green issues front and centre when it switches to 100 per cent renewable energy sources by 2021

T-Mobile’s president and CEO, John Legere, did not miss the opportunity to take a sideways swipe at his competitors as T-Mobile seeks to capitalise on its improved green credentials, highlighting its recent #CleanUpWireless initiative.  

“Moving to renewable energy is the right thing to do, and it’s smart business. We’ll continue to be a brand that makes our customers proud,” he said. 

“Meanwhile, AT&T just scored a C– and Verizon flat-out flunked out according to Green America’s clean energy scorecard. C’mon Backward Blue and Reluctant Red – there’s still time to take my #CleanUpWireless challenge and change this industry for good.”

As part of its #CleanUpWireless initiative, T-Mobile is donating $500,000 to green initiatives in the US telecoms sector.