The UK has a longstanding problem with poor rural mobile coverage. Much of the rural fringe does not have mobile coverage at all. It’s either sparse or completely absent.

Over the years, there’s been repeated attempts by the Government to fix the problem, with little success. This time around, Ofcom wants to target the rural mobile coverage problem again – and the latest consultations on 700MHz and 3.4-3.8GHz spectrum signals as much.

The big question is: would the auction winners use their new spectrum to tackle the rural fringe problem – or instead, use the spectrum to improve their existing 4G coverage in dense urban areas?

Even if the Government attaches coverage obligations, it’s still a monumental task to make a big dent in the 9% of the UK landmass that has no service today.

Mentor Europe’s whitepaper looks at how MNOs in the UK can work with each other and the Government to implement a Rural Neutral Host Mobile Network – a practical outcome for all stakeholders involved.

Download now to find out:
• Why a different ‘Outside-in’ approach is needed over the conventional ‘Inside-out’ tactic
• 7 key principles for a successful Rural Neutral Host Mobile Network
• The benefits of a Rural Neutral Host Mobile network and what it means for all stakeholders.

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