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$3 billion now invested by the US Capital Projects Fund

American Rescue Plan Funds to Increase access to affordable, high-speed internet have been awarded to Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri and Utah, taking the total number of states benefiting to 22, with 700,000 locations reached and nearly $3 billion awarded by the Capital Projects Fund (CPF)

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Northern cities bookend broadband disparity table

Glasgow has the UK’s biggest broadband speed gap, with its quickest area getting speeds 866 times faster than the slowest, just four miles away. Nottingham and Cardiff have the next biggest download rate divides, while Portsmouth, Wolverhampton and Bradford were the most equal.

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Northern Telecom acquires business and assets of Toople Plc & DMSL

Leeds based Northern Telecom completes their eighth acquisition. The business provides fixed and mobile telephone services and broadband connectivity and IT solutions to businesses and organisations across the UK. Northern Telecom operates a number of brands including: Northern Telecom, Northern Telecom Home, UP Telecoms and Soda IT
Support, Toople & DMSL UK.

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