Press Release

Tanaza, a leader in the cloud-managed wireless networking industry, is pleased to announce a new partnership with Edgecore Networks, the leading provider of traditional and open network solutions for enterprises, data centers, and telecommunication service providers. The partnership provides unprecedented progress in the open networking field by allowing the disaggregated Linux-based Tanaza Operating System, TanazaOS, to run on Edgecore Networks open Wi-Fi access points.

"Tanaza and Edgecore Networks share the vision of delivering disaggregated hardware and software networking solutions that enhance connectivity providers’ choice, control, and innovation while lowering the total cost of ownership," remarked Sebastiano Bertani, CEO of Tanaza. "By partnering with Edgecore Networks, MSPs, Service Providers, and Operators interested in the operational efficiency and flexibility of Tanaza’s software can now enjoy it with the robust and high-performing Edgecore’s hardware, for indoor and outdoor deployments. Edgecore Networks plays a leading role in the disaggregation of hardware and software in the data center and Wi-Fi space, and partnering with them was just a matter of time."

"As a leading contributor to the OCP, ONF, and TIP open communities, Edgecore fully understands the operators’ requirement to reduce the cost of mobile network deployments while offering the innovation and flexibility of hardware and software choice. We are very pleased to have Tanaza, joining the open Wi-Fi movement, enabling the choice of indoor and outdoor access points with TanazaOS.", said TT Hsu, Vice President, Edgecore Networks.

Tanaza has made substantial contributions to the Open Networking field with technology and experience to make hardware and software disaggregation in Wi-Fi a reality. Tanaza is a proud member of the TIP Wi-FI Project Group, and a member of the Express Wi-Fi Technology Partner Program by Facebook. For more information about Tanaza and Edgecore Networks’ partnership, please visit the link: