Press Release

Tanaza, a Milan-based Wi-Fi cloud management software company, today announced it has joined Facebook Connectivity’s Express Wi-Fi Technology Partner Program, which enables network equipment manufacturers to build network hardware and software that is compatible with Express Wi-Fi.
The 2019 EIU Inclusive Internet Index, commissioned by Facebook, found that 3.8 billion people don’t
have access to fast, reliable internet. Wi-Fi networks have traditionally been hard to set up and
expensive to deploy, especially when the intent is to reach an entire unconnected town or village. The
Express Wi-Fi Technology Partner Program provides a unique solution by developing new technologies in
partnership with equipment manufacturers and operators to build cost-effective Express Wi-Fi
compatible hardware and software, enabling more people in more places to get connected.
Express Wi-Fi is part of Facebook Connectivity, a collection of programs, technologies and partnerships
designed to increase the availability, affordability and awareness of high-quality internet access.
“ Tanaza aims to provide high-quality network services to underserved areas that have not had access
due to lack of infrastructure and high costs,” said Sebastiano Bertani, CEO and Founder of Tanaza.

“Joining the Express Wi-Fi Technology Partner Program will allow us to give our users fast, affordable
and reliable Wi-Fi easily and aligns with our mission to make Wi-Fi more accessible.”

“By integrating the Express Wi-Fi platform into its feature set, Tanaza will be able to work with mobile
network operators in areas of the world affected by the digital divide and expand its presence in some
Asian and African countries," said Valeria Magoni, Head of Marketing at Tanaza.” Operators will have the
opportunity to monetize their networks and cloud manage them through an enterprise-grade system at
a fraction of the cost due to Express Wi-Fi.”

“More than 3.5 billion people still don’t have internet access, fueling the digital divide,” said James
Beldock, Facebook Connectivity’s product manager for Express Wi-Fi. “Alongside our partners, Facebook
Connectivity breaks down barriers to connectivity with new technologies, business models and
programs, such as Express Wi-Fi, which service providers use to deliver fast and affordable Wi-Fi. Critical
to the program’s success are our Express Wi-Fi technology partners, who have committed to building
Express Wi-Fi compatible software and hardware. We welcome Tanaza to the program and look forward
to partnering with them to expand connectivity globally.”

Members of the Technology Partner Program are currently collaborating to connect underserved
communities around the world and to bring more people online to faster internet. Further updates
about this feature’s release are expected in the next few months.