The 5G era will offer telcos the opportunity to offer a whole range of tailor made, bespoke solutions to their customers

Network owners and operators in India’s cash strapped telecoms sector could learn a few things from the hospitality industry, including offering differentiated and bespoke services to their customers, according to Huawei’s senior representative in the country.

Speaking at the ET Telecom 5G Congress on Thursday, Huawei’s CEO for India, Jay Chen, said that telcos should take a lead from their peers in the hospitality sector, if they want to boost their bottom line in the 5G era.

“Currently in our industry in India, the prevailing conditions are low [cost] tariffs, low quality and no future. We have to change,” he said.

“In the future, 5G will offer us the opportunity to offer a whole range of services to our customers, just like a hotel. If I want to book a special conference room at a particular venue for an extended period, the hotel will make that happen for me. If I want to only book a quick stay for one night, they will make that happen too.

“5G network slicing technology will make this level of service differentiation possible for telcos in the future. This is one of the many ways that 5G can help us boost revenues in our industry, by putting the customer at the heart of our operations” he added.

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