Telecom Luxembourg International S.A. (TLI), a Luxembourg-based provider of networks and services, has announced that its Dark Fiber Network solution is now "service ready" across Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, and France. Telecom Luxembourg International’s fiber network is now a cross-connect away from hundreds of wired and wireless carriers, clouds, media companies, financial networks and content providers.

This dark fiber network service allows carriers and enterprises to move past deployment limitations to leverage expert construction, installation, network management and equipment buying power to provision dark fiber’s high levels of flexibility, security and control for as- needed network adjustments.

“We are very excited to announce our Dark fiber service ready status along with introducing our international Ethernet services offering,” states Julien Doussot, CEO of Telecom Luxembourg International. “With our new service coming available, TLI continues to lead the charge in providing unique proposition within the international networking players. At Telecom Luxembourg International, we believe that giving our customers a clear view of their services is crucial to their success, and helping our customers achieve success is the only true way to measure our own.”

Telecom Luxembourg International has added several, data centers and enterprise buildings to its list of interconnection points and has near-term plans to further expand its network in other European countries like Ireland or Italy. TLI’s network is positioned to rapidly extend into nearby enterprise office buildings, where it can provide in-building cabling, access to carriers, content, and cloud services all across Europe.