Press Release

At one point we’ve all had a bad experience or 10 with our wireless carriers. Whether it was terrible customer service, chatting it up with a robot or waiting in the store for 2 hours to have our phone powered =on.

More realistically, nothing is worst than excessive fees with even higher monthly payments and not being able to understand our bill.

Found by Alabama Entrepreneur Chaymeriyia Moncrief, Tesix Wireless provides BYOD prepaid wireless services that operate on 3 of the nation’s largest networks.

With plans starting at just $25/mo and ranging up to $60/mo, unlike large carriers and other prepaid companies, Tesix is a fee-less, less competitive and flexible solution. Their plans are firm with no hidden surprises.

And yes, they offer all the same quality capacities as the major league carries like unlimited talk, text, data, mobile hotspot, 98% smartphone compatibility and covers 98% of the United States.

Operating solely on their website, Tesix has no plans of opening or franchising physical locations of its own. With their goal of keeping prices low and affordable, eliminating the excessive overhead is one way to do this.

They do, however, plan to offer Authorized Reseller opportunities to hopeful entrepreneurs looking to offer Tesix products to their existing customers in various regions.

Moncrief also announced the company would be adding a fourth network.

"Early 2019 we will be rolling out a new network option giving our customers, even more, control over their wireless spending and only paying for what they need. We will also be able to shift additional focus on the 45-60 yr old market with this add-on," she explains.