Telco takes aim at predictive network maintenance, optimisation.

Telefonica this week launched three service operation centres (SOCs) that will use AI technology to analyse data, enabling it to manage its networks more efficiently.

Based in Argentina, Chile and Germany, the SOCs gather anonymous, aggregated information on customers’ use of its mobile networks in a bid to anticipate potential faults and outages. This should enable predictive network maintenance, optimisation, and tailored responses to customers suffering with technical issues.

"The final objective is to manage the network automatically to avert any potential problems," said Telefonica CTO Enrique Blanco, in a statement on Tuesday.

Machine learning and AI is becoming critical as operators virtualise their infrastructure, he said.

"Networks are becoming more dynamic and exponentially more complicated to manage as the control is delegated to the network’s edge. As Telefonica moves towards the next generation of networks, intelligence and analytics are key, to turn data into a knowledge that enables real-life innovation."

Telefonica’s AI-enhanced SOCs are based on Huawei’s Smartcare SOC solution.

"Huawei Smartcare SOC Solution has been one of the company’s key strategic investment areas, and strengthens our position as a transformation partner for Telefonica," said Edward Deng, president of Huawei’s Telefonica global account.

"Huawei is fully committed to this project and will draw upon all our considerable expertise and experience to support Telefonica and ensure the complete success of the objectives set," he said.