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The Arbitex system is making waves in the digital railway revolution

The UK’s leading mission-critical network solutions provider, telent Technology Services, is set to showcase its innovative solution for automated CCTV maintenance and monitoring at InnoTrans 2018 at the Messe Berlin, 18-21 September.

Originally developed for deployment across the London Underground’s camera estate, the Arbitex CCTV status monitoring system is a cost-effective analytics solution, designed to reduce costs and response times and enhance passenger safety in the rail environment.

Arbitex uses telent-developed algorithms to remotely identify camera deterioration and failure across the numerous and diverse CCTV platforms and technologies deployed. The system works seamlessly with existing maintenance resources as well as both existing IP and analogue assets from multiple vendors, without requiring replacements to be made.

“1.37 billion passengers use the London Underground every year, accessing hundreds of platforms from lifts, escalators, stairs and a labyrinth of passageways, making effective monitoring a complex challenge,” said Paul Dobbins, CTO at telent. “This isn’t just applicable to London – undergrounds across the world can be a headache for CCTV management. Cameras are a critical operation and security asset which typically demand a rapid fix times. Any delays in fault reporting reduce integrity and availability, critical in today’s heightened security environment. Arbitex enables the automated monitoring of deployed camera systems, reporting faults in a significantly shorter timescale.”

Developed by the telent in-house software team, Arbitex automatically compares live pictures from deployed cameras with known reference images, in order to identify inconsistencies faster and more accurately. Once complete, reference images for each camera are recorded as benchmarks to compare against live shots and Arbitex can monitor the quality and accuracy of CCTV cameras on an ongoing basis.

The benefits of Arbitex lie in increased asset availability and lower costs which also positively impact ROI; quick, simple and cost efficient deployment; greater end to end system integrity and assurance. The USP is in Arbitex’s ability to interface with a range of multi-vendor cameras, from legacy analogue installations to the latest IP-based CCTV Systems.

“We’re in the midst of a digital revolution, and at telent we are committed to defining the ever-changing digital landscape. By being at the forefront of innovation, having a team constantly invested in ongoing development, and understanding as we do the challenges associated with the rail industry, we can explore how we can address these issues.

“InnoTrans is the world’s largest trade fair for the railway industry, and as such it makes complete sense for us to showcase our innovation in Berlin, to drive the rail transport sector to new levels. We look forward to a busy week at InnoTrans, meeting new prospects and inviting existing partners and customers to catch up,” added Paul.

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