Press Release

Today, Telesoft Technologies — a provider of cyber security technologies for high-density cyber environments, including network, government, and large organisations — has announced the release of Triton 400, a cyber warfare simulation tool which can replicate myriad adversarial attack methods. Mimicking attacks from all over the world, Triton 400 utilises a comprehensive understanding of frontline threat intelligence from around the globe to simulate natural and malicious traffic at unprecedented speeds for such a capability.

Taking a unified approach to security, Triton 400 provides a benefit to both Red and Blue teams. Red teams can attack infrastructure at a high rate with myriad threats from multiple vectors, doing everything in their power to penetrate the network. They can manipulate the method of attack to replicate selected threats and techniques against specific organisations and networks

Blue teams such as SOCs and IR teams can actively defend their networks against real-life DDoS or specifically targeted malware, resulting in a well-trained and cutting-edge response team. This would significantly improve response time to potential real-life attacks by practising against highly realistic and orchestrated attacks.

Triton 400 can replicate any type of attack, from password spraying and large-scale DDoS to AI poisoning, whilst also generating multiple simultaneous attacks — one as a smokescreen and the other malicious to challenge Blue teams more than ever before. It can play any PCAP for an attack; if there’s no network recording, Triton 400 can generate one, spawning malicious traffic at volume to directly test the target, system, or team. As well as individual and surgical precision attacks, the tool can also generate botnets for bulk attacks. With 400G to utilise, Triton 400 takes simulated cyber warfare to the next level, preparing organisations for the future of threats they may face.

The attacks generated by Telesoft Technologies are achieved through strategically located honeypots across the globe, which glean intelligence directly from the most viable and up-to-date sources: cyber criminals themselves. This information is then fed into the traffic profile database to allow for effortless replication delivery of real-life attacks. Traffic replay stagnation is overcome through entropy generation by combining direct traffic ingest with source and destination IP randomisation, creating bespoke traffic patterns.

Triton 400 is a key component of the wider offering from Telesoft Technologies, which encompasses threat intelligence, on-site customer service and hands-on support. Through this new tool, any organisation transmitting and storing high-density data can both attack and defend their network in order to protect it, as part of an advanced package that combines expert consultancy alongside product.