Press Release

TeleWare has selected NGD’s south Wales data centre to host the world’s first cloud-based call recording service. This follows a decision by TeleWare to migrate all its fixed-line call recording solutions onto the new platform which is based on Microsoft Azure.

TeleWare has installed a number of racks at NGD in support of its new Cloud Call platform and is leveraging NGD’s high speed low latency hybrid cloud infrastructure. This is already enabling the new service to securely store over 35,000 minutes of voice call recordings per day in the public cloud and which can be accessed by authorised users without any discernible delay.

TeleWare considered a number of London-based data centre options but chose NGD based on its high level of security, low cost Tier 3 resilient infrastructure and multiple high speed connectivity options including its dedicated Cloud Gateway connections into Microsoft ExpressRoute.

Demonstrable low latency for hosting public cloud services was of mission critical importance since any voice delay could risk the success and acceptance of the new call recording service. NGD’s expertise in supporting a growing number of public, private and hybrid cloud solutions together with its abundant power supply, high security, and comprehensive certification and compliance were also seen as key differentiators.

Rob Corrigill, CTO, TeleWare Group PLC said: “The exceptional security, resilience and high speed connectivity on offer at NGD’s data centre, combined with a lower cost proposition compared to London data centre options, made using their high calibre facility for our Cloud Call platform a no brainer. We have total peace of mind that the data centre is the right fit for our current requirements and has the scale to support our future needs.”

Steve Davis, NGD’s Marketing Director added: “We are delighted to be supporting TeleWare with the seamless delivery of their ground-breaking Cloud Call platform. This is a further example of an international service provider organisation recognising the value of NGD’s secure, resilient hybrid cloud infrastructure and low latency connectivity.”

TeleWare’s Cloud Call Recording service enables businesses to record both inbound and outbound conversations wherever workers are. Users simply dial an entry number and follow voice prompts to activate recording to enable calls to be stored on the TeleWare Cloud. Ensuring robust security including the use of advanced encryption, the service supports training, compliance and improves productivity.