The test site is located in the Oritkari-Nuottasaari area of the city

Telia and Nokia have joined forces to launch Finland’s first live 5G network in the town of Oulu. The network will allow industrial companies and logistics operators to develop new new digital operating models, ready for the commercial launch of 5G next year. 

"We estimate that the first applications of 5G can be found in an industry where automation, remote process management and versatile real time dat usage benefit from the minimal delay and top speed of 5G. 

"Oulu’s strong ecosystem and the operators’ open-mindednessin the introduction of new technologies accelerated out decision to continue the deployment of 5G in Oulu," said Janne Koistinen, 5G programme director at Telia Finland. 

Oulu is a hub for Finish industry and its strong start up culture made it an easy choice for the partners, when deciding where to locate their first 5G network. 

"Oulu is one of the key locations for research and development of Nokia 5G technology and mobile network products globally.

"The strong start up culture of the region and the strong collaboration between the city, the univerity and businesses in the region has enabled a unique ecosystem to be created in Oulu. 

"Among other things, the ecosystem was built on an open 5G test network, where companies in the area collaborate to generate new products and services," said Rauno Jokelainen, VP smart radio development unit at Nokia. 

The test site makes use of test frequencies issued by the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority. Full scale commercial rollout of 5G in Finland is expected in 2019.