Telia Company will evolve its physical multi-country evolved packet core to a common cloud native solution on a shared cloud infrastructure

Telia Company has signed an agreement with Nokia to take its cloud packet core solution to deliver enhanced broadband services, and to provide the building blocks for Telia’s future 5G services.

As a next step towards a more efficient packet core network, Telia Company will evolve their physical common multi-country evolved packet core to a common cloud native solution on a shared cloud infrastructure. Nokia’s industry leading and field-proven cloud-native packet core, including its Cloud Mobility Manager and Cloud Mobile Gateway is a key enabler in this transformation. Nokia will begin the deployment of Telia’s new core network in multiple data center locations across the company’s operations.

"If you look at how the 5G core is going to evolve over time, you can look at this step as the architectural foundation… Its definitely going to reduce the amount of time and the amount of friction it takes to bring out 5G," said Vinai Sirkay, VP, Business Development, MPC, ION IP Routing & PacketCore, Nokia.

Nokia’s packet core design provides the reliability, scalability, flexibility and performance Telia needs to meet the networking requirements and economics for a diverse and demanding range of digital services and applications for consumers and enterprises

“There is tremendous potential with the continued growth of mobile broadband, and with new services and 5G in the near future. To take advantage of these opportunities, Telia must deploy a new generation cloud-native packet core that is able to connect to a greater variety of devices and deliver a broader range of services over multiple access technologies. Nokia uniquely combines field-proven cloud-native software, cloud technologies and mobile and IP routing expertise to help Telia speed up service delivery, deliver greater scale and capacity and operate its network more efficiently. Plus, because our cloud packet core is built on our robust, field proven router software (SROS), it provides Telia with a solid foundational framework for the evolution of its 4G and the path forward to 5G,” said Sri Reddy, senior vice-president of Nokia’s IP and Optical business.