Running up the western coast of South America, the Mistral cable links Guatemala, Ecuador, Peru and Chile

Also known as the ‘South Pacific Submarine Cable’ (SPSC), the Mistal cable is in fact named for Chilean poet, Gabriela Mistral, the first Ibero-American to receive the Nobel Prize for Literature, back in 1945.

Jointly developed by Telxius and Claro, and supplied and deployed by Subcom, the cable spans around 7,300km along the West coast of South America and up to Central America. Currently, the cable links Puerto San José (Guatemala) with Valparaíso (Chile), with additional landing points at Salinas (Ecuador), Lurín (Peru), and Arica (Chile). 

The cable has comprises six fibre pairs and has a capacity of 132 Tbps. It will provide the lowest latency connection between Guatemala and Chile.

“With the rapid rise in cloud adoption and an increasing demand for higher capacity, lower latency and higher availability, this next generation submarine cable is ready for service at a pivotal time,” explained Telxius CEO Mario Martín. “Mistral means that Telxius effectively contributes with the highest standards of service, reliability and security in the region, creating opportunities for businesses and communities across Latin America and optimising digital services for society at large.”

This cable will be a connectivity lifeline for many of the countries connected, with Chile in particular positioning itself as a growing digital hub for the Pacific region. With data demand soaring through rapid digitalisation, in part as a result of the pandemic, submarine cables are more vital than ever before. 

“Submarine cables are essential for digital connectivity, as they are the base infrastructure of the Internet. Therefore, we celebrate the deployment of the Mistral cable because 99 percent of Arica’s data will be transmitted through it with various parts of the country, something fundamental now that we are experiencing a pandemic, as a result of which many activities are carried out remotely,” said Chile’s Minister of Transport and Telecommunications, Gloria Hutt. 


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