Press Release

Tenda and Gamgee today announced a strategic partnership to offer high-performing, engaging smart home and Wi-Fi solutions to broadband service providers, consumers and employees at home. Tenda and Gamgee will combine their portfolio of wireless router, mesh and smart home products with a plethora of engaging digital services.

Over the last few months, the number of connected devices at home and time spent online exploded as a result of the lockdowns triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic. Consumers became dependent on the smart technology and steady broadband connection for daily activities like shopping, working, studying and meeting with friends. With the increasing complexity of the digital environment at home, people are facing more issues related to the weak Wi-Fi performance, difficulties with installation and operation of their smart devices, and increased vulnerability to cyberattacks.

Tenda and Gamgee partner to deliver solutions that are not only strong in their high-quality hardware technology, but also offer consumers a smooth and hassle-free smart home experience with services like easy management of Wi-Fi, users, and devices, parental control and content filtering, security against online intruders and additional privacy with virtual private networking, 24/7 customer service and an in-app commerce platform. Broadband service providers will benefit from insightful network analytics and real-time network monitoring, savings on the customer support and in-app upsell opportunities.

The partnership also addresses the latest Work from Home (WfH) trend that gave rise to cybersecurity and data privacy concerns and troubles assuring steady and reliable internet connection for employees at home. The joint offering provides enterprises and their employees with full protection of all business communication, extending the employees home network to the office through a powerful VPN channel. Additionally, employees get an option to allocate preferential bandwidth to their work-related tasks while the rest of the home devices operate independently on a separate personal network.

Country Manager DACH, BeNeLux and Nordics at Tenda Jie Li, commented on the collaboration with these words: “Tenda has a wealth of experience in quality assurance in the networking segment. We like to support companies like Gamgee in new and innovative projects. We look forward to exploring the frontiers together.”

Chief Executive Officer of Gamgee, Paul Hendriks, adds: “In such a dynamic market, joining forces with Tenda is an important step to help us quickly adapt to the new developments and offer a joint solution that is always spot-on covering the latest consumers´, providers´ and enterprise needs.”