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It’s difficult to deny that cloud services have transformed modern business as we know it, and in doing so, have created new giants in Amazon Web Services, Alibaba Cloud, Google Cloud, Oracle Cloud and Microsoft Azure.

However, despite Gartner predicting that global cloud services revenue from public cloud will surpass US$411 billion by 2020, not all telcos and service providers are convinced. Stalled by myths, questions and legacy systems, some industry players are choosing to play catch-up rather than to lead the conversation.

For telcos and service providers who have committed to the cloud, email hosting is often one of the first services to be transitioned. This is because running email platforms in-house
is not their core business capability. So, it makes sense to migrate email first.

This business case presents eight primary reasons why a telco or service provider might move their customer email platform to the cloud.

It also responds to a series of myths which have inadvertently slowed the industry’s cloud email uptake to date.

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