The Government of the Cayman Islands has issued a request for information (RFI) for the deployment of a new subsea telecoms cable. The consultation, which is due to run until 18th August, aims to gauge the market interest in launching the project and the government is encouraging local and international industry participants to provide input via the government’s procurement portal.

According to Telegeography, there are currently two systems which land in the Cayman Islands: the MAYA-1 cable which links the Islands to the US, Mexico, Honduras, Costa Rica, Panama and Colombia and the Cayman Jamaica Fibre System.
The RFI documents state that the Government intends to add value through its services to the global digital ecosystem (by becoming a high functioning ICT market) and it realises it cannot achieve this goal without affordable modern fibre optic technology”. As such “it is critical that the Islands improve its telecommunications profile through the implementation of new submarine cable infrastructure that provides low-latency, high-resiliency and provides redundancy”.
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