James Hickman, CTO at Virtual1 spoke to Total Telecom at Connected Britain 2018 about the key challenges linked with automating complex networks, what SDN means for Virtual1 and the company’s expansion over the past year.

About Virtual1:

Virtual1 operates the largest and most advanced wholesale only network in the UK. Connecting 180 towns and cities across the UK, Virtual1’s network runs on state-of-the-art Juniper Networks infrastructure, enabling the company to deliver a high capacity, low latency fibre network, which is privately connected to market-leading UC, SIP and Cloud solutions.  


Virtual1’s network is fully software defined and places the control and configuration of solutions directly into Partner’s hands. Using the award winning 1Portal, and a suite of API’s, Partners can quote, order and manage their customers’ solutions entirely online, or integrate with their own native systems to deliver the innovative solutions.