Some things are fundamental. In a business context it’s the likes of cash flow and supply and demand. At the level of country, the usual suspects are GDP growth and trade balance. But like all things, fundamentals are also susceptible to change. And as we enter the era of hyper connectivity, it’s becoming increasingly obvious that digital infrastructure is a new fundamental.

In Britain, we have a clear opportunity to acknowledge and embrace this shift, while both enabling digital connectivity in ways that will rapidly connect the most people and remaining agile to ever-developing technology. We’re lucky to be able to learn from the routes other global markets have taken, while still being at the forefront of connectivity capability.

Having been recently recognised by the Chairman of the Small Cell Forum for championing neutral host small cells. We created a business model that’s pioneered multi-operator mobile signal inside UK enterprises, while being free to the mobile network operators (MNOs).

Having contracted 160 buildings across 14.5 million square foot, with 130 buildings network, I can see a connected Britain built by industry collaboration and led by nimble, business-savvy neutral host partners. But although the “enterprise pays” model has now been proven in the in-building market, there are other barriers to break down, especially for outdoor neutral host solutions. Three in fact:

1.       Promote and enable shared infrastructure methods

2.       Utilise low cost or dark fibre

3.       Remove the local authority concession model and promote open access instead.


If Britain wants to demonstrate digital infrastructure prowess, know-how and competitive 5G rollout, we need to eliminate old industry tensions and flip business models in favour of rapid deployment; we need to disrupt to collaborate.

Backed by Digital Colony, the Freshwave Group is made up of industry-leading wireless connectivity businesses. United by a pioneering spirit, each division of the group is born of a fresh approach in key areas of enabling multi-operator network:

·         StrattoOpencell – first movers in multi-operator, in-building mobile connectivity as a service

·         iWireless Solutions – outdoor small cells enabling smart cities and wireless connectivity in large and high profile UK venues, including transport hubs, stadiums and arenas.

·         Spyder Facilities a wireless infrastructure company with over 5,000 locations available for wireless transmission technologies including the latest 5G rollout.

Led by my colleagues, each an inspiring founder, Richard Bourne, Ravi Mondair and Andrew Saunders, their respective businesses champion new ways of working, challenge the industry status quo and embrace true collaboration. Pooling complimentary skill sets they lead with an openness and adherence to quality standards that helped them all create successful teams from scratch, and that provides stability and clarity in fast-moving, delivery driven endeavours.

Together, the Freshwave Group is a neutral host partner with a difference; united by a vision of industry collaboration so that: enterprise gets network, not spots have network, MNOs grow their network. With Freshwave, you’ve got network.