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 Unveiling —the virtual centre for tech learning— revolutionizing how people learn, grow and collaborate in the global future of tech. We believe that talent is ‘the next oil”. Continuous learning is to be redefined for upskilling purposes, talent sourcing and management, product development, and marketing & sales objectives. Continuous Learning is what matters the most at the personal, team, and organizational levels. leverages the significant assets of its mother, which has been selected by numerous industry leaders like Cisco, Google, Keysight Technologies, Samsung, InterDigital, T-Mobile, Syniverse, HCL and others to upskill their workforce, who are working at very different levels—from C-level Executives to management and sales, to the hard-core R&D engineers on 5G and beyond. So far, has trained over 100 000 Professionals on 5G only just in 3 years.

The Advisory Board of 6G Academy has been formulated and carefully selected C-level executives have joined, including.
– Juan Carlos Garcia, SVP Technology Innovation and Ecosystem, Telefonica
– Dr. -Ing. Susan Wegner, VP Artificial Intelligence & Data Analytics, Lufthansa Industry Solutions
– Patrick Waldemar, Ph.D, VP, Head of NG Technology Telenor Research
– Sidd Chenumolu, VP of Technology Development, DISH Networks
– Kostas Chalkiotis, Vice President 5G Solutions / Access & Home Networks, T-Mobile
– Mark Reudink, VP Technology Strategy, Crown Castle
– Elodie VIAU, Director of Telecommunications and Integrated Applications / Head of ECSAT chez European Space Agency – ESA

“The bottleneck of growth in tech is not anymore about the money, but rather the access to the right talent pool. Partnering with 6GAcademy allows you to access, serve and shape the communities of the future of tech today, beyond 5G and even beyond Connectivity.”
—Piotr Pietrzyk, Chairman & Founder, 6G Academy

“The need for agile team formulation,—NOT based on CVs nor LinkedIn profiles—but rather on the skillsets proven in practice and how values match with other team members, is key to not only execute the project but even plan the investments.” – Piotr Pietrzyk, continues.

„Permant Upskilling and Reskilling your team is today essential for all tech areas and the basis for effective team building. It allows quick and effictive usage of new technologies and makes projects much more feasible.”
Dr. -Ing. Susan Wegner, Advisory Board Member, 6G Academy

6G Academy is pleased to open for the submissions for industry partners on given chapters, including, but not limited to:

– Connectivity, 5G and Beyond
– Open Networks, (incl. Open RAN)
– Cloud and Virtualization
– AI and Automation
– CyberSecurity
– Satellites Communications
– Quantum Computing and Quantum Communications
– Autonomous Vehicles
– Virtual & Augmented Reality

Partner with us to educate and inform peers and colleagues in your specialist area.

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