At Gigabit Access 2017, Total Telecom caught up with Craig Thomas of Calix who discussed the gigabit network. According to Craig, while FTTH is the end goal it’s not always feasible due to costs or rural locations. The gigabit network therefore needs to be made up of a hybrid of technologies to deliver gigabit access to the end user. As Craig comments in the below video, it doesn’t matter to the end user what technology delivers the required gigabit speeds as long as it does so and does so reliably. 

About Calix

Calix pioneered Software Defined Access (SDA) and is a global leader in platform innovations for Access Networks. Its portfolio of access systems and services combines AXOS, the revolutionary platform for access, with Compass Cloud, an innovative SDN-based framework for network data analytics and subscriber experience assurance. Together, they enable communications service providers to transform their businesses and be the winning service providers of tomorrow. To find out more click here.