At the recent FTTH conference in Valencia, Total Telecom sat down with Ankit Agarwal, Global Services Provider Head of Sterlite Technologies.

Ankit explained the work of Sterlite Technologies and how Sterlite now have a presence in over 100 countries. As well as fibre optic cables, Ankit also explained how in Europe specifically, Sterlite do software, fibre, cable and end to end solutions of FTTH. 

Ankit also gave us his view on how Sterlite saw 5G and IOT impacting on the market. To listen to the interview in full, please click below. 

 About Sterlite Technologies

Sterlite Tech takes pride in enabling global transformations towards the digital age. With its offerings, Sterlite Tech has positioned itself as an establisher of positive change in the society. Be it by changing living experiences through its high-quality optical communication offerings or developing end-to-end future smart cities, Sterlite Tech ensures that its reason for existence is for the betterment of everyday experiences through futuristic data infrastructure technologies.