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The ITP and Vorboss have joined forces to address the digital skills gap by launching a recruitment drive which will see over 100 apprentice Installation Engineers in place by the end of 2021.

The ITP, a not for profit British institute, runs apprenticeship schemes on behalf of its partners and members. The organisation will oversee the recruitment and management of all the apprentices, including their academic learning, development and ongoing mentoring.

Crissi Williams, CEO of the ITP, said: “At a time when our industry is facing a major skills crisis, this is a major step forward by Vorboss. As the UK unemployment rate surges, it’s the young people who are hit first – the number of 16 – 24-year olds in employment is at a record low. Apprenticeships stats are also down, despite additional government funding available. Set against this backdrop we are so pleased to be able to help facilitate new roles and create a workforce for the future. We hope that this partnership will encourage other employers to look to apprenticeships as a means to solving the skills gap, but also help to tackle the UK unemployment crisis and create better futures for our young people.”

Vorboss, a leading enterprise-focused fibre provider, already employs a workforce where a quarter of its team are apprentices. Through their extensive recruitment drive Vorboss will boost their headcount over 300% by the end of the year, with this figure expected to continue rising into 2022 and beyond.

Lauren Dutnall, Chief of Staff, at Vorboss commented: “Hiring apprentices into the Vorboss team has been a brilliant way for us to expand the business and take on fresh talent. We recognise that they bring a different outlook on the way we do things, yet they are so willing to get involved and learn as much as possible.

Our apprentices play such a critical role in the business and in the wider industry. We enjoy conducting a hands-on approach to assist with their training and appreciate the wealth of knowledge they can quickly pick up to help them adapt in their new role. It’s important to us that we give our apprentices the best tools and guidance they need to succeed in their positions to enable them to work their way up into more senior roles and excel in their future careers.”

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