Press Release

The evolution of telecommunications networks is placing a significant strain on telecoms operators looking to update to a more efficient and cost effective network, but still burdened by the millions of customers still using legacy systems. Telecoms Traders are an Eco-friendly business. Our ethos is to reuse over recycle where possible. Sourcing spares and replacements from Telecoms Traders will help your business meet corporate responsibility targets, reducing waste and prolonging the lifespan of perfectly usable telecoms equipment. More than simply becoming “greener” you will also realise a greater return on your telecoms investment, freeing up funds for investment in other infrastructure projects. To further emphasise our commitment to quality, Telecoms Traders is fully re-accredited to both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standard, so every part we supply has been refurbished and screen-tested to confirm maximum compatibility and reliability.

Qualified support for your telecom s equipment needs. Our experienced sales team competently accompanies you through the entire process for every requirement. As an experienced IT, telecommunications equipment provider, we quickly and reliably process all requirements that are difficult to map for you. This will increase your efficiency, make a significant contribution to reducing your CAPEX& OPEX , and ultimately help you be more productive in your the day; and project business. Our competent sales team is looking forward to your inquiries.

On occasion telecoms operators will often need to decommission their existing legacy networks as they are upgrading the technology to improve both performance and increase the capacity. The task of asset-removal, transportation, processing, storage, or plans to reuse, resale, or recycle, can be daunting. Carriers in many cases are not equipped to handle such a product. Another problem is many carriers do not have in their possession comprehensive databases of assets in service. This presents problems when planning decommissioning and tracking assets as they are removed. This is another new value added Turnkey Solution that Telecoms Traders has recently launched to their portfolio of services.

Telecoms Traders are launching new sales offices in the US, Europe and Asia to service market demand which make Telecoms Traders more than just another post-warranty telecoms hardware vendor, Telecoms Traders are your trusted Legacy Network Solutions partner. We work alongside your team to develop valuable solutions to all your telecoms challenges.