Margot James has resigned from government, following a heated day in the House of Commons

The UK’s Digital Minister, Margot James, has resigned her position in government following a heated vote in the House of Commons.

James voted against the government in a ruling that will make it harder for any future Prime Minister to suspend parliament and force a no-deal Brexit.

The government lost the vote by 41 votes, as a number of Conservative MPs voted against the government.

James took over the role of the UK’s digital minister following the promotion of her predecessor, Matt Hancock.

Since taking charge of the role, James has made fibre and 5G key priorities in the government’s digital agenda.

Speaking at the Connected Britain event in London last year, James said that 5G represented the single biggest opportunity for the UK to safeguard its bourgeoning digital economy.

"There is so much that we need to learn about the potential of 5G but we are very excited about it. It’s probably the biggest single benefit towards our productivity that we could imagine. So, it’s very important that we get that investment right.

"I believe that this connectivity is probably the single biggest determinant for improving Britain’s productivity and international competitiveness," she said.

James has yet to publicly comment on her decision to quit as digital minister.

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