Harry Baldock, Editor at Total Telecom had a chance to speak with Roshan Thekkekunnel, Group Manager for Hybrid IT Telco Solutions at HPE around the value of interoperability when it comes to 5G and in the vendor ecosystem in general.

They discussed:
– Why HPE entered the 5G market and the experience can they bring to telcos
– HPE’s 5G lab and what goes on there – how can it mitigate risks of 5G for customers
– What do we mean by interoperability for 5G and why does it matter for telcos
– Why collaboration amongst vendors is vital for 5G
– Where are the greatest 5G opportunities for operators

HPE sponsor The 5G Daily from Total Telecom. Read it here: https://www.totaltele.com/505540/Todays-headlines-from-The-5G-Daily

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