Press Release

Today, the7stars, the UK’s largest independent media agency, has announced a long term, enterprise partnership with Skyrise intelligence, to harness location and movement data from across the UK’s largest telco operators. The deal will see Skyrise’s powerful 30+ million dataset, integrated into the7stars planning tool Gravity Planner to enhance the platform’s audience insight and targeting capabilities ready for the post-cookie world.

Gravity Planner is a proprietary platform that combines consumer journey data and media channel data to determine optimal media channel splits and budgets according to business goals. With the Skyrise dataset on boarded this has now expanded to include aggregated and anonymised consumer data such as location, demographic, mobile web and app usage or brand affinity.

By integrating Skyrise Intelligence data with Gravity Planner’s existing data sets advertisers can build and profile custom audience segments and use insights to inform the planning, activation, and measurement, of sophisticated omnichannel strategies.

Rhys Williams, tech & activation lead at the7stars commented: “Integrating high value datasets like Skyrise with Gravity Planner is driving a real commercial benefit for our clients in a way that is safe, compliant and future proofed.

“When it comes to data and technology our role is to get multiple components to knit together and bring simplicity to our clients’ lives. Being technology neutral at the7stars means we are not encumbered with an unwieldy network platform, trade desk or tools. Instead, we are able to curate the best bespoke build for each client within our existing operating system.”

Launch partners that are benefiting from the new powerful dataset include Vision Express, Iceland and Loyds TSB amongst others, with early-stage results suggesting that media strategies leveraging Skyrise data deliver a 3-fold increase in brand consideration.

Ian Vint, co-founder at Skyrise added: “Forward thinking leadership teams are putting data at the centre of their business strategy now. Understanding up to the minute agile behaviour has never been so important, and we are delighted to partner with the7stars as the nation begins to come out of lockdown. Those advertisers that think about recency and activate very agile campaigns will be the ones that succeed.”