Total Telecom had the pleasure of speaking to Precisely’s Dominic Tomey and Lamont Norman about the changes they are seeing in telcos attitudes towards data and what the operators can do to make the most of the data boom

 The amount of data processed every day by the world’s telcos is truly staggering and, with the advent of 5G and technologies like the IoT, this is only the beginning.

"Telcos aren’t just telecommunications companies anymore – they’re data companies," explained Dominic Tomey, Customer Information Management Director at Precisely. "Every decision you have to make to provide great service is data driven."

But with all this data passing through their systems daily, how can telcos be sure they are getting the greatest value out of their data? According to Lamont Norman, Senior Product Manager at Precisely, monetising consumer data will rely on incorporating the latest technologies to harness the data effectively.

"How are you able to make sense of all this data that you’re getting and then be able to use that in real-time or near-real-time in transactional situations?" he asked. "Being able to work within a big data environment and oragnise the data efficiently, to then pull it into an automated form and deliver value quickly – this is an area where we see some real challenges."

You can watch the full interview discussing key technologies and the value of location data below.


Dominic Tomey and Lamont Norman at Precisely will further discuss this highly interesting topic with BT and Capita at this week’s Total Telecom Congress where they will delve deeper into how telcos can effectively leverage their customer data to create new revenue streams. Register for your Total Telecom Congress Virtual Pass and have a chat with the team.   

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