A recent survey revealed that as many as one in five children were being targeted by online bullies

Britain’s fourth biggest mobile network operator, Three UK, has formed a strategic partnership with online security specialists Internet Matters.

The partnership will see the pair working closely together to tackle a series of security challenges and improve child safety online.   

“As a mobile operator we have a huge part to play in supporting parents and children to keep safe online. We felt it was important for us to become part of a trusted organisation such as Internet Matters, where we can share knowledge and collaborate with other members to ensure advice is easily accessible for the customer," said Dave Dyson, CEO at Three UK.

“We want everyone to enjoy the many benefits of mobile devices which far outweighs the negative aspects and we recognise there is a dark side.  We believe that this partnership will enable us to create some meaningful resources and ways to help customers understand how to protect themselves and their children helping to build a safer mobile future for all.”

Three UK will consult with Internet Matters over the scope of its Discovery programme – an in-store initiative which offers free training and workshops on digital and mobile technology to all individuals, communities and businesses, regardless of age.

Improving online security for young people remains one of the key challenges for network operators and Three UK hopes that its partnership with Internet Matters will provide it with a fresh perspective.

"At Internet Matters, we hear first-hand from parents who want to know how they can help their children stay safe on mobile devices," said Carolyn Bunting, CEO of Internet Matters.

"We are delighted to be working with Three as we share the same belief that technology can have a hugely positive impact on young people when it is used both smartly and safely. We believe our partnership will allow us to empower parents to protect their children from any digital harms and reap the many benefits of the online world."