The pair plan to extend full commercial 5G services later in the year

Telecom Italia (TIM) and Ericsson have launched a new Virtual Reality and 5G demo area at Rome’s Leonardo da Vinci Fiumicino Airport.

The Virtual Reality 5G experience will offer tourists the opportunity to take a virtual tour of the city, while simultaneously experiencing the high speed and ultra-low latency of 5G.

"By choosing Fiumicino Airport to demonstrate the 5G potential, TIM strengthens its leading role in the Italian mobile communications market and in the field of innovation," said Francesco D’Angelo, head of sales at TIM.

‘These services and applications will be soon available to all customers throughout the country. They will be a basis for improving people’s lives, company production processes and efficiency in public administration. 5G will create an environment in which everything is smarter and more connected, be it public security, mobility, environmental monitoring, healthcare, tourism, culture, media, education and entertainment.’

In time, TIM and Ericsson intend to extend 5G services to the entire airport complex. The pair recently switched on the airport’s first 5G antenna and will utilise spectrum recently acquired by TIM in Italy’s 5G auction.

"This project strengthens the long-standing collaboration between Ericsson and TIM that saw the two companies launch significant initiatives in Italy, beginning with 5G for Italy to new use cases enabled by 5G technology, which is intended to become a national infrastructure of critical importance. It will set off a new phase of digital transformation and radically change the world we live in. Making virtual reality available at Fiumicino Airport is a prime example in the consumer sphere of how greater connectivity combined with low latency can open the door to innovative and interactive new services. As for industry, airports could benefit from 5G for automating and digitalising operating processes," said Raimondo Anello, Head of Innovation at TIM Customer Unit within Ericsson.