Press Release

To help improve the quality of their LTE network, TIM Brasil have made the decision to add 4G capabilities to their existing Configuration Management platform NetChart. Since 2013, TIM Brasil has used NetChart from Bwtech to standardize network configuration parameters of the 2G and 3G networks.

TIM Brasil, one of the largest mobile operators in Latin America with the widest 4G coverage in Brazil, is aiming to improve its network performance using NetChart. TIM will use NetChart across all the Brazilian states to detect anomalies that can degrade the quality of service perceived by the users.

The NetChart’s Configuration Management module monitors all network parameter changes 24 hours a day, providing both automatic generation of reports and parameters correction. The reports are routinely sent to directors, managers and engineers to provide a holistic view of the changes made. If further information or an investigation is required, then directors, managers and engineers can access NetChart via the web interface to perform further analysis, generate specific reports and monitor changes in the elements parameters.

TIM Engineers also use the Baseline Check functionality to identify network parameter inconsistencies that were configured. For TIM Brasil, one of the main advantages of the tool is the fact that NetChart is multi-vendor, therefore enabling simultaneous access to all OSS vendors through a single, unique and user friendly interface.

“Since 2013, we have used Bwtech’s NetChart solution to monitor and fine tune the configuration of our radio access network “– says Homero Salum, Executive Manager of Mobile Access Engineering in TIM Brasil, “The NetChart solution allows us to have a strict control over our network, monitoring and identifying deviations that can decrease the quality perceived by our valued users. NetChart is key in our network optimization process”.

TIM has prepared a schedule to minimize configuration errors and this plan is returning great results; Homero said “with NetChart, we reduced parameter inconsistencies to less than 0.5%. The improvement of the performance indicators is a direct consequence of our efforts to guarantee the best quality of network. To achieve that, Bwtech’s Netchart has proven to be the ideal solution for TIM Brasil”.