Incumbent to deploy 100 small cells this year, carry out tech trial in 2018.

TIM late last week announced plans to turn Turin into Italy’s first 5G city.

During 2017, the Italian incumbent said it will deploy 100 small cells on major streets and squares, as well as at the University of Turin and the Polytechnic University. This is in addition to 200 mobile sites that TIM will use to guarantee widespread coverage across the city.

The sites will be connected to the telco’s fibre optic network.

To get the project underway, TIM has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the municipality of Turin.

"When we talk about big data, digital identity and the Internet of Things, we are aware that underlying all this there is always quality and the speed of the networks," said TIM executive chairman Giuseppe Recchi, in a statement. "TIM has the privilege of being a leading company in the development of the digital culture of the country and today this agreement adds another important element to our strategy."

TIM plans to begin conducting 5G technology trials in 2018. The first will involve 3,000 users, who will be able to access an array of smart city services over the new network.

Focus areas include public transport information services, public security, remote surveillance, and virtual reality services pitched at tourists.

"It is a positive sign that TIM has chosen Turin as an urban area to test an innovative technology such as 5G," said Chiara Appendino, mayor of Turin. "The high speed services and applications can only bring benefit, in the immediate future, ti the manufacturing world and the community."