Italian incumbent pledges ‘open and constructive dialogue’ with authorities

TIM late on Thursday agreed to abide by the Italian government’s so-called golden power decree, and committed to providing annual assurances that it is complying with the rules.

"The measures adopted are in line with TIM’s strategy, and with respect to these the company manifests its agreement and commitment, confirming the wish to continue to have an open and constructive dialogue with the government," the Italian incumbent said, in a statement.

In mid-October, Rome exercised its golden power and imposed several conditions on TIM designed to protect what it considers strategic national assets from external influences, namely French media conglomerate Vivendi, which was recently ruled to have de facto control over the telco.

Under the ruling, the government has allocated "human, financial and instrumental resources" to maintain the independence of any business activity relating to national security. It also requires a government-backed board member to protect its interests in matters pertaining to defence and national security.

The government’s golden power decree also set out specific measures related to TIM’s international wholesale arm, Sparkle, and its ICT unit, Telsy.

However, it stopped short of forcing the telco to spin off or sell its network assets.

"TIM acknowledges that the measures involve development, investment and maintenance plans for its networks and plants in order to preserve their operation and integrity, as well obligation to notify all company actions that may have an impact on their security, availability and operation," TIM said. "TIM will communicate compliance with the requirements on an annual basis."