Press Release

With entries for the 2017 World Communication Awards due in next month, now is the time to be refining your entries. We can’t guarantee success, but making sure your entries are as good as possible goes a long way.

To help you on your way we have gathered together some tips from our judges on what makes a great awards submission:

"The judges look for the entries that get their attention right from the start and are written with clear conviction. It is important to be economical and clear about what it is exactly that you believe your company or product does better than anyone else’s. Keep statements short and always follow up with an example or data to support it. Customer testimonials are key, but it is vital to present the case first."

"…show clear innovation and have measurable business benefits. [They must] stand out from the crowd and should extend beyond just being telecommunications solutions, e.g. into sustainability."

"…include facts and figures in context, for example relative market information and benchmarks… and reasons underpinning figures."

"…provide clear linkage to a significant industry issue or trend and how the product/service enables companies to respond to that issue or trend."

"…give a clear indication of the innovative new value creation to the users of the service."

"…include an attention to detail in product design, customer service or whichever aspect of the company’s offering you are focusing on, even if it looks painfully tedious to outsiders."

“… hard evidence of the claims in your entry: this can take the form of customer testimonials, third-party research, market stats, customer surveys, etc. “

“….a unique selling point (USP) is relevant, in terms of unique value to the buyer and the seller’s organisation, as well as unique value on the specific market addressed.”

"Write in simple, short sentences. Include punchy points to hit home the message to the judges.

Cover both the past and the future, e.g. ‘We achieved because…’ and ‘We predict… because…’."

If you still want some more insight, why not watch this video with our chair of judges, Tony Lavender – CEO of Plum Consulting.

For 2017 there are 21 categories, including new opportunities for 5G Trailblazers, leaders in Industrial IoT, and innovators in the Moving Pictures space. These join awards for Broadband Pioneers, Global Operators and leaders in Customer Care. Check them out, and the two individual awards for CEO and CTO on the website.

On the Total Telecom website, you can also find Winners Stories from three of the 2016 winners: Hyperoptic (Broadband Pioneer), Tata Communications (Wholesale Operator), and VMware (Innovation Award – Vendor)

The 2017 World Communication Awards will be presented at Supernova in London on the 28 November 2017. Up to 500 people will attend the gala dinner including senior executives from many of the worlds leading telecom operators. If this is an audience that matters to you, get in touch to find out about the available sponsorship opportunities. Download the PROSPECTUS or call Rob Chambers on +44 20 7092 1077.

The World Communication Awards are organised by Total Telecom and have been held annually since 1999.