Press Release

TOMIA, the market leader in end-to-end connectivity optimization solutions, today announced that Kcell, the leading cellular operator in Kazakhstan, has chosen TOMIA’s solutions to optimize their network, data analytics and campaign management systems.

The recently procured services, in the area of business optimization and agreement management, will significantly modernize the systems that Kcell are currently operating and future-proof their capabilities in the wholesale realm to enhance the end customer experience for decades to come. This will allow for improved dynamic contact with travelers while abroad, the efficient segmentation of customers for Kcell and optimized campaigns to improve overall customer experience and profitability.

TOMIA’s suite of services will help Kcell to maximize wholesale revenues whilst maintaining the highest possible quality of service for roaming customers. Moreover, the solution will optimize wholesale for discounted IOT agreements and streamline the reconciliation and settlement processes.

This builds on the relationship the two organizations have already fostered, following the initial procurement of TOMIA’s network optimization solutions in 2017.

Daniel Dooley, CRO, TOMIA said: “Our solutions are maximizing subscriber profitability and optimizing wholesale agreements, while still maintaining a top-tier customer experience. Kcell’s customers are set to benefit from enhanced network capabilities including high reliability at home or abroad. With the rise of IoT devices it is vital that carriers are able to optimize their networks in order to deal with the increased congestion.”

“TOMIA stood out as being the only true integrator of the separate solutions that were required to enhance Kcell’s offering to customers. The quick time to market of the solution delivery and the advanced technologies implemented by TOMIA made this an obvious choice and we’re delighted to strengthen the fantastic relationship we have in place”, said Elena Shevtsova, General Manager, Roaming & Interconnect Section at Kcell.