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Netadmin, a key provider of software purposely built for fibre operators starting, transiting to or operating a fibre business, has today announced that toob Ltd. has selected Netadmin to create a fully automated customer journey.

toob, with a goal of delivering gigabit broadband speeds to more than 100,000 premises by the end of 2021, needed a software solution to fully automate the customer journey.

Working closely alongside the toob team, Netadmin has delivered Netadmin Nine according to an ambitious timeline, including its main capabilities such as Order Management, Provisioning, Ticket Management, Inventory Management, Monitoring, and much more. The solution also includes Add-ons such as a fibre installation portal and a self-service portal to enable a single flow for the entire order process, from registration of interest until the customer receives the active service. This will provide toob with a fully automated solution supporting both their business model as well as their every-day operations.

“We needed a product that would allow us to deliver great customer experience and we wanted to create a solution that allows customers to order and manage their hyperspeed broadband however they wish, either fully automated through an on-line portal or, if they prefer, by talking to one of our team who can answer all their questions. With Netadmin at the heart of our solution we can deliver against this ambition. Netadmin provides us a platform to automate and scale our business” states Andy Luckham, IT and Operations Director toob.

Netadmin’s solution will play an important role in toob’s customer journey, from the availability check for the customer’s address to creating the customer’s invoice. Via Netadmin Nine’s API the software integrates with other systems such as SMS services and billing software.

“We are delighted to work with such an experienced team as toob. Their focus on automation and their knowledge has made this project very successful,” states Jonas Svensson, CEO Netadmin.

toob is Netadmin’s third customer on the UK market. Other Netadmin customers in the UK are Gigaclear and OFNL.

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Netadmin Systems creates a software solution enabling painless growth of and transition to fibre networks.

Netadmin’s solutions reduce time to market, eliminates downtime and increase the subscriber quality experience. With more than 15 years of experience in the fibre OSS market, providing services for more than 75 customers worldwide, we deliver cutting-edge software solutions for a lightning-fast connected world.

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About toob
toob is a full-fibre broadband provider based on the South Coast, deploying its own network offering residential and business customers a 900Mbps symmetrical broadband. By investing £50million in Southampton to deploy its network to 100,000 properties over the next two years, toob’s aim to reach a total of over 1 million properties across the south of England.
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